WTF r u lost? Coir Funny Doormat, Size Small – Welcome Mat – Doormat – Custom Hand Painted Doormat by Killer Doormats Price: $40.00 (as of 31/07/2021 22:46 PST- Details)



Yeah… I don’t think I really need to explain this doormat, but just in case you have visitors that don’t have a clue on whether or not they are welcomed to your fortress of solitude, they can read your doormat and shove off. Care: Easy to keep clean, just vacuum or shake your rug out. The rubber backing will keep the doormat in place firmly. Remember this product is made from coco coir and will shed some for the first few weeks, this is a normal occurrence so don’t be alarmed. Your hand painted doormat will hold up best under cover. You mat will not come with the copyright. Each doormat is custom made for you when you place your order.

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