Twin House Bed Frame (standard version) Made in the USA Price: $389.00 (as of 08/08/2022 07:30 PST- Details)



Now made with premium, clear, locally harvested Poplar wood (effective for all orders placed after 3/4/18)! This means minimal-to-no knots and beautiful, smooth, furniture grade wood that looks great on its own but takes paint extremely well. *Most pictures are shown in our original knotty pine, please refer to the picture labeled “Poplar Wood” for actual wood tones and grain quality. Make bedtime less painful for you and your little ones with this unique bed frame, shaped like their very own house! This frame is made of solid clear-grade (minimal knots), locally harvested Poplar wood, planed smooth, with rounded smooth edges. It is held together with high quality screws to ensure the best structural integrity for the design. The twin mattress (75×38 standard size) fits snugly inside the frame, or add slats to raise to raise it off the ground. Comes with the wood pieces, all hardware, and simple instructions (5 steps!). The bed comes as “ready to paint/stain/coat”, I do not offer this service because of shipping and time restrictions. They are very easy to paint with a 4″ roller and about a quart or 2 of paint, and they take a stain/clear coat very well. Assembly takes approximately 45 min – 1 hour. Tools required for assembly can all be found at any hardware store. You will need a #2 square bit (6″ long), an extra set of hands (although I’ve done this myself many times), and a cordless power drill. *NOTE* This bed is sturdy when assembled properly (per instructions). However, if you are looking for a sturdier version of this bed, I also a “deluxe version” in my other listings that is a bit more structural, which makes a difference especially if you have kids that like to play!

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