Tiny Glass Teapot “Green Tea” Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium Terrarium

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Do you fancy a pot of lovely “Green Tea”? Here is a beautiful and whimsical quality glass teapot that is home to 3 live and lucky Marimo Moss Balls that range from 3/4″ to 1/4″. They float about on a bed of natural shells, abalone, and beach stones. A swirl of live aquatic plant completes this special brew. The Tiny Glass Teapot is just 4″ tall and 4″ wide (at the widest) 6″ wide from handle to spout. It holds about 8.8 oz or 250 ml. A wonderful gift for the naturalist/ tea lover on your list!

About Marimo Balls:
These delightful little balls of algae also called Cladophora originate in Lake Akan Japan. They are revered and adopted as “pets” in Japanese homes and offices and are believed to bring good luck. Marimo name is derived from Mari meaning “bouncy play ball” and “mo” meaning underwater plant in Japanese. They require very little care, just place in indirect light, top off or and change the water out every two weeks as needed. They enjoy being gently scuttled around by your finger (or chopstick) as they would by the lake currents, this keeps them green on all sides and healthy.Eventually they propagate by dividing into smaller spheres.

You will receive:

One Glass Teapot with shells,stones. Note * The metal tea strainer shown in photos is NOT included

Three Marimo Moss Balls and a Green Aquatic plant

Care Instructions for your Marimos . Just add water and love.

~ The Marimo Balls are packaged in a sealed plastic bag that will maintain enough moisture for the trip. They can handle being out of the water safely for up to 3 weeks. All the items are wrapped separately and securely. This item will ship via Priority Mail.


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