The original Jeffy puppet Price: $500.00 (as of 15/10/2021 14:32 PST- Details)



This is a hand crafted Jeffy puppet, and just like the original, designed, made and copyrighted by our studio. Since each puppet is hand crafted it is truly one of its kind. And, as such, they will look like Jeffy but each one will have his own very special self. The pictures are of other Jeffy’s . The one you will order is not made yet, he will be made just for you. The puppet is 24 inches tall from top to toe. The inside of the puppet is large enough to fit a hand of a adult. This is the same size as the original Jeffy puppet, who, by the way, we made too. He comes with yellow t shirt with Jeffy written on it, blue helmet, jeans, diaper, pencil, metal rod, sneakers (the make and model and color of the shoes will vary). All the clothing comes off and the puppet can be dressed in other clothing. All puppets featured on this website are original works and are covered by copyright, (c) Eva Gronowitz 2018. All work product, including the patterns, prototypes, materials, drawings, designs, techniques, research, knowledge or any other materials used in the construction of the puppets is considered proprietary to the design process and is the property of Eva Gronowitz. Use of Eva Gronowitz puppets for a commercial purpose requires prior written approval by Eva Gronowitz.

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