THE ORIGINAL COMFORT BOWL-Each individually Handcrafted, not manufactured Price: $49.00 (as of 26/06/2022 00:40 PST- Details)



I made this bowl to help me through the grieving cycle after the loss of my husband and parents. When all my visitors and friends left, and I was home alone with my loss, having something to guide and comfort myself through this sorrowful time was nourishing for my soul, just as a bowlful of food is nourishing for my body. This Comfort Bowl with its inscribed pebbles, the crystals, and the explanatory card is a unique sympathy gift, one that will be cherished over the days and months of grieving. I found it very healing searching for just the right pebble to use, looking for quotes about grief from a myriad of sources, and selecting the precise crystals that would compliment the pebbles and bowl. It brought me outdoors again and close to Mother Nature, and that in itself was comforting. The bowls are selected with great care to express the sentiment intended. I hope that the recipient of this bowl finds comfort and healing too! 11 pebbles, 5 crystals. (The pebbles may differ from those pictured due to the inconsistencies of Mother Nature and what she provides at the shore.) This gift will arrive presentation- ready in a gift box

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