TEMET NOSCE”Know Thyself” in LATIN Socrates Wisdom Sign Plaque Wooden Hand-Painted

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This CUSTOM hand-painted wood sign reads: Temet Nosce Temet Nosce is Latin for “Know Thyself”. The key to finding a purpose and fulfillment in life begins with knowing and understanding yourself. We are each born with this knowledge but finding a purpose and achieving fulfillment requires the sharing of knowledge, wisdom, and support. Each individual contains specific truths that should be shared with those we meet through nothing less than fate. In the movie The Matrix, “Temet Nosce” hangs on the wall in the Oracle’s kitchen. It’s what Neo has to do save his mentor’s life, become the One, and save his own. It’s what you need to do to, if you want to live a life of purpose, and if you want to respond to your life, rather than react. Knowing thyself – it’s a pickle, but it’s possible. This sign is painted and antiqued to give it a chic and shabby, rustic look. Color featured is black with creamy antique white lettering. Other CUSTOM color options include:barn red, moss green, burgundy red, mustard yellow, real red, black, pure cotton white, creamy white, gray, girly pink, vintage light pink, sage green, cobalt, coffee bean brown, navy blue, terra cotta or light blue. There are 2 sawtooth hooks included for hanging ease or sign could be propped on a shelf or easel. Signs are unpainted on the back. Sign measures approx. 27″ x 5 1/2″.


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