Set of 24 SMALL Adult Coloring Rocks ~ Zentangle ~ Relaxation Price: $24.95 (as of 14/01/2020 07:37 PST- Details)

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The perfect way to de-stress, simply and easily, and reconnect with your inner creativity. This also combines the kindness-rock movement so many around the world are now participating in it! Set of TWO dozen SMALL rocks. All ready for coloring! Also included, a pack of gel-pens. (After coloring, Please wait overnight before sealing rocks, to maintain crisp appearance and to prevent smudging. Some may require more time. the LESS porous the rock, the MORE time it will need to dry) HAND DRAWN – EACH ROCK WILL BE DIFFERENT! Any theme can be shipped out to you… Hearts for Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day Clovers, Snowflakes, inspirational words or quotes… just contact me and we can personalize these rock for you!


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