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ABOUT “Wilhelm” Silicone Mask: Wilhelm is a no fluff and frills kind of guy. He’s a man of not many words and not many friends. He loves living off the land and knows he’s the best at it. Whenever possible he takes time for his favorite activities, among them being camping, fly fishing and hunting. Growing up on a working farm gives him his appreciation for hard work. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty as long as he gets the job done right the first time. Although Wilhelm rarely goes to town, he does sometimes enjoy offering his homemade smoked jerky to the locals at the Farmer’s Market once a month. “Wilhelm” mask is a wonderful thing to have! Terrifically realistic and wearable for hours, this mask can be used on stage, as well as for movies, other artistic projects, or simply for treating your friends to an absolutely unforgettable experience!


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