Real bug necklace Real beetle necklace Taxidermy beetle pendant Real insect jewelry Glass terrarium necklace Price: $42.00 (as of 17/09/2021 08:37 PST- Details)



I handcraft these amazing terrarium necklaces using REAL beetles, dried and preserved to last. Each real beetle necklace contains a beetle enclosed inside a 1.5 inch glass terrarium vial in your choice of Bronze (as pictured), Yellow gold tone, Rose gold tone, Silver tone or Gunmetal and hung on your choice of an 18″ or 30″ satellite chain. I have chosen the most colorful & iridescent species of beetles I could find! They are all natural, I have not done anything to enhance their color. The necklace will come in an organza gift bag with literature on the species of insect!

Choose your beetle species! (Going from left to right in the 1st photo):

1. Euphlous Cuvieri Weevil Beetle: Also known as the “watermelon weevil” for its light green & black stripes; from Papua New Guinea!

2. Eupholus Shoenherri Weevil Beetle: Horizontal green and black stripes with blue joints; originates from Papua New Guinea!

3. Green Jewel Beetle (Scientific name: Chrysochroa Fulminans): From Indonesia; vibrant metallic emerald green with pink tipped wings!

4. Eupholus Magnificus Weevil beetle: From Papua New Guinea; periwinkle colored (purplish blue) with gorgeous black and green stripes!

5. Rainbow Jewel Beetle (Scientific name: Chrysochroa Fulgens): From Thailand; has an iridescent rainbow colored shell with a yellow band thru the middle!

6. Eupholus Bennetti Weevil beetle: From Papua New Guinea; green, black, and slate blue vertical striped pattern!

NOTE: These insects are sourced ethically & eco-friendly, raised on insect farms. Insect Farming actually helps to preserve rain forests and also assures the survival of natural insect habitats. Native people are encouraged to grow plants and raise insects opposed to clearing land for cash crops. I am a member of and donate to the Rainforest Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the Rainforest and the many species that live within it!

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