Quiet book 5 Little monkeys finger puppet page sing along game – QB124

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Have you heard of quiet books? Our eco-friendly felt interactive pages are filled with “quiet” activities to keep busy toddlers and preschoolers engaged. Not only are these a fun and educational way for your tots to learn colors, numbers and the alphabet, they’re also great for practicing fine motor skills like tying shoelaces, placing objects into designated slots and even braiding hair! If you have young children, you know the stress of trying to keep them quiet while out to eat, at church, in a meeting, or on an airplane. The pages for these books are the perfect size to carry with you anywhere you go.
❤ HOW TO BUILD A BOOK Most of our pages are sold separately and you can mix and match pages to create your own personal quiet book. You can purchase extra pages anytime you want and switch them in and out so that the book stays new, fresh, and exciting. Each page has 2 holes and most pages have a pocket on the back to hold all of the pieces so nothing get lost. Ribbons, shoestrings, or metal binder rings from any office supply stores can be used to bind your book pages. Covers are sold separately.
❤MADE WITH We use nothing but the best. All our pages are made with Eco-Felt. This material is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It is also more durable than typical craft or fabric store acrylic felt, while being less expensive than wool felt.


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