origami spider lily single stem paper flower

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For sale is one quality made origami spider lily, please pick the color you want.

Originally this flower only has two colors in real life, white and red, and it is very unique that the flower head would never meet the leaves. Some people call it red spider lily or Lycoris radiata.

It takes long time to make just one pretty flower, I remember I used almost two hours to make my first one, but when i saw how beautiful it turned out, I knew it definitely worth my time. and I believe you would enjoy it’s amazing beauty too.

The whole flower is about 9-10” long (the flower head alone is about 3.5-4” wide), and I can always make the stem longer or shorter for you.

Note: Due to the unique look and size and in order to protect the flower better without being crushed during the shipping I may separate the flower and stem, simply put the stem through the hole in the center of the flower ( see the picture) and apply a little glue to stick on the torus.

Please note: the actual color might look slightly different due to the light effect.


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