Modifiable Pikler triangle Mopitri,WITHOUT RAMP, climbing ladder for kids, foldable triangle Price: $271.00 (as of 25/05/2020 04:34 PST- Details)

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The freedom of movement is very important in healthy and natural child development. Children don’t need to be taught or stimulated in faster physical development. Ability to climb plays a big role in child’s motor skills and balance, therefore children naturally tend to climb everywhere. Literally – everywhere. Parents role here is to provide a safe way for a child to work on his/her climbing skills. And this is where Pikler triangle comes into the game! Modifiable Pikler triangle “Mopitri” is the most unique and innovative climbing triangle in the world! Change the shape of the climbing triangle each day, so it never gets boring for a child to use it. Lower or steeper triangle, house-shaped or flat, or maybe two small triangles, as far as your imagination goes! Adapt to your child’s development stage and abilities. Add the sliding ramp for more fun activities. Each segment is 20 inches long, and 31 1/2 inches wide. The overall climbing structure’s dimensions are dependent on the position of the triangle. The highest triangle is around 82cm high. The triangle is shipped disassembled. Assembly instructions included.


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