Minimalist Mens Wallet & Multitool – Carbon Fiber Tactical Wallet for Men/RFID Smart Slim Front Pocket Credit Card Holder Price: $25.05 (as of 05/08/2020 21:10 PST- Details)

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Is Your Wallet Out Of Control?

… Shrink The Bulk and Protect Your Cards In One Smart Tactical Manoeuvre

Everyone knows a bulky back pocket wallet is bad for our back and hips. And the front pocket wallet bulk just looks weird. Well, this low profile wallet holds 1-12 cards and your cold hard cash in one modern look! So check your pockets now and feel, is that the shrinkage you’d like in your pants?

You’ll Use it A Lot, So We made it Strong and Durable to Handle It!

The V-Taper along the bottom edge helps you slide your cards in the case. Push the cards down via the C-Shaped notch and then clamp the top, they fan out so you can easily find the ones in the middle!

The outside is made from non-scratch carbon fiber, in gunmetal. Not only beautiful, but also a smart security wallet for credit cards – a protector from RFID’s! The inside is aluminum alloy and the metal money clip is manganese steel! Unlike other mens rfid blocking wallets, it won’t bend or break!

… Gift It To A Man Who Needs A Smaller Wallet in HIS Life!

  • Features aluminum engraving plate. Blank it doubles as a classy accent!
  • Removable money clip for actual money, or to clip on pocket
  • Comes with multitool card with 30+ unique functions
  • With screwdriver for adjustments or to remove money clip
  • Boxed in a manly magnetic-closure gift box
  • HOT DEAL: Order this wallet today with one of our Metal Insert Love Cards and Save 10%

When you take the MANA’O Smart Wallet home, one of two things will happen. You (… or the person you gift it to) will use it over a few days and then wonder what you (or they) did before this pocket slimming wallet came along! Or we’ll refund every cent so you can find your dream wallet too.

Simultaneously slim your pockets, become 30x more handy, dodge a hip replacement, AND protect your cards. Now, who said men cant multi-task?


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