Metal Table Legs, T-Shaped Style – Any Size and Color Price: $380.00 (as of 05/06/2020 06:50 PST- Details)

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These steel table legs add a unique blend of modern and industrial styles to any custom project or retro-fit. The T-Shaped legs are a great choice for tops that require a free-standing base, such as stone or glass tops, or for longer and/or heavier table tops since the legs provide a 3 dimensions support to the top. The “depth” or the “T” portion of the legs is half of the specified width of the legs. These legs can be made from a variety of different tubing sizes depending on how bulky you want the base to look. Larger tubing sizes also offer more strength and stability to the table. They come standard with oblong holes in the top plate as well as leveling feet. All products undergo extensive quality control checks to ensure your products are made as specified and come free of any defects or sharp edges. Please send us a message if you have any questions about the sizing, details, or applications of these legs.


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