Leather Father’s Day Gifts Cash Strap-In (Harley BLACK) Leather Money Clip- Wallet-Card Case.Men s leather wallet,Front…

Amazon.com Price: $35.00 (as of 26/06/2022 00:40 PST- Details)



Men s leather wallet Handmade wallet from premium leather is perfect for a front pocket wallet. This wallet will hold a drivers license and 4-5 cards (more when it breaks in) and all the CASH you need. The bills do not slip or move you can go from 8 bills to 1 and it will stay put.The design of this wallet and the leather used holds everything in place until you are ready to use it. A slight squeeze top and bottom will open for access to cards. I switched to a front pocket wallet years ago and will never go back This premium leather will only get better with time

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