Handmade Stoneware Leaf Vase Pottery w/Butterfly impressions

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This Cute Leaf Vase is perfect for displaying fresh flowers anywhere Even on a narrow shelf or Window Sill. The 4 3/4 inch tall Leaf Vase is hand built and made from stoneware clay. Green leaves are pressed by hand into the soft clay for its impressions. EACH VASE’S LEAF PATTERN IS UNIQUE. All critter impressions are made from clay stamps. The vase is bisque fired, glazed and fired again to 2267 Degrees Fahrenheit. All our vases are vitreous (watertight) when fired. Great for fresh flowers. Each vase is unique. Clay and glazes are lead-free, dishwashers safe. Each Vase comes with a Card that includes a detailed explanation of our process in making the piece (GREAT FOR GIFTS). All our pottery is hand signed on the bottom.


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