Wool Shikibuton / 4″ Mattress/Custom Sizes & Fabrics Available

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А one of a kind wool shikibuton for adults combining handmade craftsmanship and luxurious comfort. Enhance your sleep experience* when you lay on this naturally supportive wool mattress constructed using only the purest materials. Wool breathes easily, offering you a cool, dry rest. With its healthy, non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials you will be safe from the harmful side effects of most mattresses on the market. Make this a personalized piece with our customization options, including the ability to adjust firmness according to your exact needs, choose the size, thickness, fabric and design. No fire retardants, no synthetic components and elements, glues, or loud springs.
Zips open for easy care. Complimentary needle and thread included.
* According to research conducted by The University of Sydney, wool mattresses are scientifically proven to promote peaceful sleep.

TWIN 97x190x10 cm ( 38.25x 5×4″) FILLING: 13.54 kg (29.8 lbs) wool
SINGLE XL 90x210x10 cm (35x83x4″) FILLING: 13.7 kg (30 lbs) wool
FULL 140x190x10 cm (55x75x4″) FILLING: 19.2 kg (42 lbs) wool
QUEEN 153x203x10 cm (60x80x4″) FILLING:22.2 kg (49 lbs) wool

Wool mattresses perform best on solid flat surfaces. Slatted frames are also good but should have no more than 2″ distance between the slats so the mattress will not sag in the openings.
Wool mattresses weigh less than latex or spring mattresses. We ship them rolled up measuring about 20″ diameter x 35″ tall.


Promotes peaceful sleep
Environmentally sustainable
Wicks moisture away from the body
Regulates body temperature
Naturally hypoallergenic
Dust mite resistant
Mildew resistant

For custom orders send us a direct message here or e-mail us at Homeofwool.amazon@gmail.com


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