Gorilla Cosmic Animal Art Print from Watercolor Painting

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Gorilla Cosmic Animal Art Print.

    ***PRINT from my original watercolor painting
    ***Size 8×10 inches.
    ***Printed on matte fine art paper
    ***Frame and mat NOT included
    ***Copyright mark will NOT appear on your print.

    Guide Card:
    “Gorilla symbolizes Moon energy, communication, and tools. Silverback Gorillas are blessed with Moon energy. The feminine energy from the Moon’s silvery reflection is worn proudly on the backs of these alpha males to lead and protect the troop. Honor the feminine for all its gifts and contributions. Become aware of your own inner masculine dynamic so that you can display a healthy model for others. Gorilla reminds us of the importance of communication and asks us to further develop not just our ability to communicate our ideas and feelings effectively to others, but also to expand our capacity to understand and empathize with others. Ask clarifying questions and consider others’ perspectives. Gorilla is a master tool maker. Whatever situation has you feeling stuck can be navigated by accessing your tool bag. There are infinite options. Use the full range of tools in your tool bag and keep adding to it. When you tap into your incredible problem solving abilities you will also notice that anything (including ideas) can be used as a tool or a weapon to aid or hinder you. Many times it’s more import HOW you’re using a tool than what tool you’re actually choosing. Try adjusting your technique and intention. “

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