Galactic Puma Cougar Mountain Lion Cosmic Animal Art Print from Watercolor Painting Price: $25.00 (as of 14/01/2020 07:37 PST- Details)

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Galactic Puma Cougar Mountain Lion Cosmic Animal Art Print.

    ***PRINT from my original watercolor painting
    ***Size 8×10 inches.
    ***Printed on matte fine art paper
    ***Frame and mat NOT included
    ***Copyright mark will NOT appear on your print.

    Comes with a Guide Card – explaining the animal’s symbolism, meaning, powers, gifts, & teachings. This card is great to take with you when you travel, or to offer as a gift to someone.

    Guide Card:
    “Puma, Cougar, & Mountain Lion symbolize climbing, cosmic mind, and inner power. There are times to be gentle, and there are times to assert your power. Now is the time for power. Puma helps you come into your power and test it. It’s time to make a choice with no more hesitation. Puma helps you take charge of your life. It’s time to dig in your claws and climb out of the darkness. You are not stuck. You have incredible strength to climb to new heights and perspectives. Puma climbs higher than any of the other cats to make sure its mind does not get distracted in the realm of over-rationalized, intellectual thinking. Puma rises above thoughts of worry and the need to understand and explain things. Puma expands its mind up and out into the Cosmos to connect with the universal consciousness and find power, security, and comfort in the connected mystery.”

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