Fashionable Walking Canes for Men – Wolf – Carved Derby Men’s Cane – Fancy Stylish Wooden Canes and Walking Sticks Price: $98.50 (as of 15/01/2020 06:34 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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Add personality and style to your everyday life by choosing our fancy walking canes for men. Fashionable wooden canes will be a great stylish support for you while walking or a perfect gift for the ones who may need a sturdy cane.

✔ Are your husband, father or grandpa should walk with a cane, but he doesn’t want to? Maybe because he hasn’t yet seen what canes for men he likes? Surprise him by presenting a stylish walking cane and he won’t take apart it ever, proved by many of our grateful customers.

✔ The total length of a wolf walking cane is 36″ (91.5cm). If you need another length, please contact me before placing an order, we can make custom length but it’ll take some time.

✔ These aren’t just wooden canes for men; it’s also a work of art! Our walking sticks and canes are exclusive, decorated with handmade metal pommels with creator’s design. The pommels add vintage charm and transformed regular walking stick into a fashionable men’s walking cane.

✔ A metallic spindle that allows wood canes to endure up to 400 pounds of weight strengthens our designer walking sticks for men (please contact me if you need an even-stronger cane; I will be happy to accommodate you). Similar to derby canes, our ergonomic shape of the handle is very comfortable for everyday use.

✔ Unique wolf head cane for men is hand carved from top-quality solid oak wood. Our men’s canes and walking sticks are finished with eco-friendly hypoallergenic Danish oil and waxed with natural carnauba wax.

✔ All our custom walking canes for men have a rubber tip to protect the bottom part and soften your walk, so it’s perfect for everyday use! Each one comes with two spare rubber tips.

How to determine proper handmade walking cane length: just put on the shoes you usually wear and ask someone to measure the distance from the floor to your wrist join (your arm should be relaxed); you can measure your old cane as well.


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