EaseLife 12FT Rail Double Kit


Amazon.com Price:  $9.90 (as of 10/08/2022 07:53 PST- Details)


Feature tips 1: pre-drilled 16″ Apart hole on the track to meet drywall studs 2: different wall Available: solid wall and soft wall, Two set bolts to fit for drywall and concrete wall 3: large range thickness door panel available, two spec roller bolts to suit for 1.375″ – 1.75″ (35Mm-45mm) thickness door panel 4: all necessary hardware is included as you see in the pictures, only Not include door. Faq Q: How long track do I need a: the track length need at least twice of the door panel width, a bit longer would be better Q: can I cut the track myself a: Yes, you can cut the track yourself to meet your need. Q: How much space do I need between the top of the door and the ceiling a: please refer to the picture on the listing shows the spec, we advise you leave 6″ Minimum for installation Q: can I purchase two kits to join the track myself a: please send US message so that we can provide the extra track connector, please note that you will need to drill Hole and tapping on track yourself to mount the track connector. Q: How to clearance The door frame a: attach a wooden board with the same thickness as your frame into your studs first, and then mount the track onto the wooden board.

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