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Give your dad a gift he’ll use over and over again! This glass is conveniently customizable, so your dad will know it was made just for him. At the top of the glass, it says “Dad Established.” Beneath that, you can insert you and your siblings’ names and birthdates to show exactly when your dad became “established.”

This engraved high ball glass is perfect for dads who love to enjoy a cold one on the rocks every once in a while. It contains up to 10.5 oz., so it will hold a good amount of beverages. He can use it for whiskey, scotch, beer, hard liquor, alcoholic beverages, or any other drink. The glass measures 3 1/2″ high. The bottom has a diameter of 3 1/8″ while the top also has a diameter of 3 1/8″.

This drinkware by Madi Kay is made to last. It’s constructed from lead-free, clear, commercial-grade glass, making it strong and durable. It also has a chip-resistant rim.

Order this fun keepsake today! It makes for a memorable piece of glassware that your dad is sure to enjoy for years to come. It also makes a great present for new dads who are wanting to celebrate their newborn. You can also get it for your grandfather, step-dad, brother, uncle, or any other special man in your life. Gift it for Father’s Day, your dad’s birthday, or Christmas.

How to Order:

  1. Pick the design number from the drop-down menu (look at other pictures for options)
  2. Let us know what text to put on the cup in the drop-down menu


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