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** LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS ITEM!** Artist Signed Numbered Item! Ladies and gentleman….. what we have here is an extraordinary professionally made precise 1:1 Life size Prop Replica Distressed ANNABELLE DOLL. This amazing life-size doll will make the creepiest gift and or display in your very own collection ever! She measures a HUGE 45″ tall from head to foot with exacting measurements for head and body size , same size as the original doll used int The Conjuring and Annabelle. Exacting Details: From her creepy deep blue glass like eyes that seem to stare at you and appear wet like real eyes, to every nuance of her face and even her infamous “smirk” and “cracked eye”. ( details only found usually in the original). Her dress is made from Egyptian muslin 900 thread count cotton, just like the original screen used version, so it “fluffs” and wrinkles correctly. Her Hair is “human hair” with screen accurate texture and color, and professionally styled just for her. The body is constructed of the same materials used in the actual screen used prop. This amazing doll is as close to a real screen used prop as you can get! This is a LIMITED EDITION creation and no expense was spared. From head to toe the doll construction is precisely the same as the original prop both visually and aesthetically. High resolution close-up images were used in creating this doll with expert precision. These pictures do no justice, she is exquisite and even more beautiful in person! An extremely durable collectors item that will last a lifetime. You will never find a more quality reproduction, From every brush stroke and every detail, it is a welcome addition to ANY collection. You won’t be disappointed. This doll has been made with ever attention to detail. You will FIND NO OTHER reproduction like this ANYWHERE ELSE! She ships in a extra thick box lined with padded foam via Fed Ex ground delivered safely into your arms.


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