6 Wooden Bourbon Barrel Bungs

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6 Genuine New Whiskey or Wine Barrel Bungs. From the heart of Bourbon country in central Kentucky. We offer these genuine Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Bungs. These are the wooden plugs used by all Kentucky Distilleries to seal Bourbon barrels. Bourbon barrels are made of white oak, these plugs are made of poplar wood, poplar is used because it swells quickly and holds tight, to seal in that great Kentucky Bourbon. They have many craft uses. We make a Barrel Bung Checker Set, and Barrel Bung Yoyo. Can also be used to plug wine and beer barrels. Dimension: 1 15/16″ tapered to 1 3/4″. Great for home brews or crafts. FREE SHIPPING TO LOWER 48 STATES

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