6 ft Blanket Ladder, Decorative Wooden Ladder, Quilt Ladder, Joanna Chip Gaines HGTV Style Decor, Rustic Pine Wood…

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We all have clutter in our homes, but we don’t always have the perfect solution for it. Take the empty space on your wall and make it work for you! Blanket ladders are fantastic for storage, gorgeous to look at, and take up much less space than other storage options. We hand select each piece of pine wood used in our ladders and plane down all 4 sides before stain/paint and assembly. We then coat each ladder with a clear coat protection for a longer lasting finish.


-72″ x 20″ x 3.5″ blanket ladder

-Solid pine wood construction

-Ships fully assembled

-5 angled rungs for easy storage

-Finished on all sides

-Securely fastened with screws driven deep for a strong hold

-Leans against any wall

-Sealed for a long lasting finish

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